Creative Bloggers Unite

So I’ve been blogging as The Phoenix Green for a while now. Not as often as I’d like, but still, tapping away letting my thoughts flow once in a while feels like a positive thing to do. Not feeling particularly like a pro, or in any way experienced, but plodding along. Slowly but surely.


I’ve started to guest blog too for No Serial Number Magazine, which I absolutely adore. You can find my very first blog post for them here.


Recently I decided to reach out to the creative blogging community, to connect, to find out how they did it (the regular as clockwork blog posts that don’t even mention the mental load, or the fish fingers that are burning while you try to get your thoughts out, or the bulging inbox that has stopped letting people send emails to it. 23k emails. I’ve had that account a long time, and I’m not brilliant at deleting emails I don’t need any more…)

So – reaching out to the blogging community on social media I found that there were lots of places to connect, but no-where that was JUST for creatives. Arty, untidy, creative folk like me, who have secret (or not so secret) stashes of Stuff That Might Be Useful To My Creative Process. Arty folk who connect better from behind a screen than in real actual life. Crafty people who have Spotify playlists for different types of craftiness… (or is that just me..?)

Not one to twiddle thumbs when something doesn’t work out as I was expecting, I Did Something.

I created a group, on Facebook, for creative bloggers to come together and connect. For folk like you to share your blogging stories, your creative crisis’, your Spotify playlists and to ask advice about The Thing You Wrote. If you think it might be something you’d like to be part of, come and find us. We are here! Come and find us! Kate.


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