Jumping in with Both Feet (and working it out as you go along)

When I was still in the employ of a certain telecoms company, spending my days calming angry customers, doing Jedi mind tricks to convince them not to leave, and deeply, utterly, achingly missing my tiny 10 month old baby girl, who spent her days in a nursery and not with me, I started plotting a plan to escape. It took me another 6 years, a handful of miscarriages I was expected to work through, a second, equally difficult full term pregnancy and the stark realization that if I wanted a different life to the one I had, I was going to have to bloody well carve it out for myself, before my dream of self employed life became reality. It is not an easy life, and it is hard work, but I am happy. My children are happy. I am content with this life I have made of creating, of writing, of raising my children, but my dream of a place where you can buy pretty much anything you want, package free (and PLASTIC FREE!) has been bubbling along on a gentle simmer since the day I put a customer on hold and wrote a wish list for my little shop of dreams. The Phoenix Green Store rose out of the ashes of that life that I was so happy to say goodbye to, and despite the hardships that come with all self employed journeys, I am excited and terrified in equal measure at the next steps I am taking in this voyage. I’m going to open a zero waste shop. The first in my home town of Newcastle upon Tyne. And I’m going to make buying zero waste the easy option, the cheaper option and I’m going to give supermarkets a run for their money. I’m going to champion less is more, like a clarion from the rooftops. Or like a song, with a thousand harmonies, one from every happy customer. This new chapter of my journey will begin on March 9th, at the night market held in Kommunity, Newcastle from 5pm. I’ll be there with all my usual offerings from The Phoenix Green Store, and some extra new lines. I want to meet you, and talk with you and find out what you would like from this new adventure. Come along, the future is waiting! Kate

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