The Boy With The Lead Balloon, and The Girl Who Wouldn’t Fly…


Today we walked in the woods. Two buses from home, across the River in the Derwent Valley, under a grim, threatening sky we walked in the woods. We saw a deer, chatted to some rescue horses, tracked prints along the muddy path and paddled in a river full of all of yesterday’s torrential rain. We came home grubby and exhausted in that wonderful way when fresh air and a good walk have burned all your energy but you’re happy and full of endorphins and just need a bath, something tasty to eat, a nice cup of tea and bed.

With the children snuggled up for sleep, I made the mistake of reading the news. I don’t do that very often these days – choosing as much as I can to keep ourselves safe in our newfound bubble of positivety. One of the downfalls of social media however, is that the news finds you, whether you’re looking for it or not.

So Boris Johnson has successfully petitioned The Queen to prorogue parliament, essentially destroying what little democracy we thought we still had. I’m not sure I have anything useful to say about this deeply disturbing situation that doesn’t have swears or multiple exclamation marks through it. As if the political situation in this island nation could get any worse. Boris, in his infinite wisdom, has merely given the people one more thing to march for.

Meanwhile three and a half thousand miles across the Atlantic, a 16 year old Swedish girl stepped off a boat this evening in North Cove Marina, New York after 15 days on rough seas sailing out from Plymouth, to participate in the UN Climate Summit.

Greta Thunberg doesn’t fly. But her commitment and drive to engage the world in the conversation about climate devastation is making waves. On September 23rd she will be part of the UN Climate Summit and will be continuing her #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate outside the United Nations in Manhattan this Friday. Let’s hope they hear her voice. She’s certainly made a huge statement by sailing to the US instead of flying.

Whatever way we cut it, reducing or stopping flying altogether is one of the three main things (along with not having children and not eating meat) that can have some major impact on our carbon footprint. I haven’t flown since 2003 when I flew Newcastle to London to spend some time with one of my dearest friends who was heading off on her travels. She lives in Australia now, and I’ve often thought how wonderful it would be to visit her. I can’t say that I won’t ever fly again, but I vow to continue in our use of public transport to get around, and to supporting the voices of those who seek to bring positive change to our world, and not those who are trying to destroy it.


My blog and everything in it will always be free to inspire and support people to live with less plastic, live more sustainably, live with less, and work to reduce the impact of climate change. It does, however, incur running costs. If you are able to contribute to these costs you are welcome to leave a tip in my tip jar here. If you are able to support me monthly, and would like some beautiful handmade creations in exchange, check out my new Patreon site. If, however, in these financially challenging times, you’re not able to do either of these things, please know that sharing the link to this post on your social media platforms is more than enough. Stay well. Thanks and love, Kate. 


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