Cooking up a Storm

In March 1942, the UK Government rationed supplies of coal, gas and electricity as part of wartime efforts to conserve energy. You might remember that from history lessons, or parents’ and grandparents’ wartime stories. In the Autumn of 2022, similar rationing strategies were discussed by the UK Government, though interestingly, they were never implemented. Increasing … Continue reading Cooking up a Storm


Revolutionary Rebellion – Restorative Rest for Creative Mothers

Somehow, we are in March already, and the biting winds of winter are giving way to milder weather. The need to stay home and cosy, immersed in recovering my creativity and focusing in on rest, is gently ebbing away, replaced by a rising sap of energy to do, to be, to clear the decks and … Continue reading Revolutionary Rebellion – Restorative Rest for Creative Mothers

Creative Pause, Ending

After two months of rest, and a week of illness, I am stepping out of the skin I needed to wear to get through it all and finding myself faced with the utter joy of reclaiming my creative life – seeing myself in the mirror again, instead of the tired warrior who needs a good strong cup of tea, and a month of early nights.