Feeling the Fear (And Doing it Anyway)

So I’m actually doing it. I’m opening a zero waste shop in Newcastle. Actually, I have the beginnings of it already online (check out my Facebook group here) and it’s just a case now of letting it develop until it meets everyone’s needs. And a lot of hard graft. And pouring over wholesale catalogs trying desperately not to buy EVERYTHING. And trying not to panic…


It’s a tiny bit terrifying. Well, A LOT terrifying. On a daily basis I move from a state of calm determination, to utter scaredycatpants at the very idea of jumping into this HUGE thing that is owning and running a #zerowaste shop and making it work. But as they say (not sure who, but they seem to speak it with the authority of experience) you got to feel the fear and do it anyway. I felt the fear last Friday night at the first Kommunity Night Market of 2018 and although it felt awfully strange setting out my stand with things that other people had made, and mass produced to boot, I soon overcame the nerves when presented with lots of fantastically inspired and passionate zero waste folk who’d come along to chat about the project, offer well received advice, and support my efforts with purchases.

I’m very much a believer in letting the Universe guide you on your journey, and my goodness, what a journey this is. I’ve started a facebook group, do join it! You can  order zero waste goodies there, share your experiences and keep up to date with the developments shop-wise. I’m plotting and planning  some pop up shops, I’ll be at the Creative Ethical Fair in April, I hope to make the Kommunity Night Market a regular affair and I’m looking at Tynemouth Market as another regular event. I need to learn to drive, and then I will either look at shop premises, or at converting a van like Charlotte’s Cupboard. One of my visitors to the night market made the ace suggestion of converting an ice cream van! I thought that was just a tiny bit genius. Whatever happens, I know it’s all going to work out ok, and it feels really good to be able to put my passion for our beautiful planet into something that really can make a positive change. Hope you’ll stay with me for the ride. It’s going to be a little bit exciting.


6 thoughts on “Feeling the Fear (And Doing it Anyway)

  1. I found you through the No Serial Number magazine on Vero – I always love seeing new eco-friendly and sustainability focused shops, and I wish you the very best on your Zero Waste shop!! (I make elegant sun-melted glass jewelry from colorful recycled bottles melted with sunlight and a giant magnifying glass – if you’re ever looking for more ecofriendly/recycled jewelry for your shop, hit me up for a digital catalog!)


    1. So good to connect with you! I’ll definitely check out your website, what a brilliant way to make eco jewelry! Totally going to have a look right now! So great to hear you’re a NSN magazine reader – it’s such a fantastic publication, I’m so happy to be a contributor. Kate

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